Crochet Kit for Kids - Easy Peasy Blanket for a Teddy

Precast crochet kit for kids designed by kids. Very easy, great as a first project. 



Crochet Kit for Kids – Easy Peasy Blanket for a Teddy or a Doll


This, our most popular crochet kit for kids, comes PRECAST and ready to start learning.

What makes our kits fun for children:

* We use soft chunky yarn and large crochet hook. These make the project grow faster; children can quickly see progress, which keeps them motivated.

*The final project will become a toy to be enjoyed and played with for a long time. Who wouldn’t want to make a lovely blanket for their favourite teddy?

*Our instructions and guide are written in a plain language and accompanied by lots of photographs. Plus there are helpful ‘How to Crochet’ videos on our website. These are short, cover one technique each and there is no advertising or long boring promo bits.


What makes our kits fun for parents (and other responsible adults):

*The kit contains everything needed to make the blanket.

*The kit doesn’t require parents to be able to crochet. All terms and techniques used in the pattern are explained. This is something, we are told, our customers appreciate a lot!

*The yarn is machine washable, suitable for babies and vegan friendly.


The kit contains:

1 ball  (100g) of King Cole chunky yarn

1 crochet hook 9mm

Plastic sewing needle


Beginners guide to crochet


This kit is suitable for complete beginners, especially children. Everything that is needed to make the blanket is included in the kit. To make things even easier we have casted on, crocheted the first row and 5 stitches on the second row. This way children can start practising double crochet stitch straight away, without having to learn to crochet a chain – something that lots of learners find quite hard to do.

The kit includes chunky yarn and 9mm crochet hook. This makes it easier to hold and the project will grow quickly, allowing children to see progress which will motivate them to carry on.

We use soft acrylic yarn which is easy to care for, suitable for vegans and perfect for babies – making the final project and ideal gift for a younger sibling.

The kit includes detailed instructions, accompanied by lots of pictures and written in a plain language. There is also a ‘Before You Start’ guide which explains basic crochet terms, techniques and how to read a crochet pattern.

Difficulty Level: 1A – suitable for complete beginners. You will only need to learn and use the double crochet stitch, chain stitch and cast off.

If you would like to find out more about us click here.

Thank you

Petra, Katie and Peter x

Weight 0.163 g
Dimensions 22 × 6 × 29 cm

Green, Blue, Bubblegum, Limeade, Pink, Purple, Aqua, Sky Blue, Sherbet


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Crochet Kit for Kids - Easy Peasy Blanket for a Teddy