Discover South Gloucestershire Festival 2014

This year I agreed to get involved with the Discover South Gloucestershire Festival and take part at the “Fun with Textiles” workshop organised by Hazel at the Busy Bee Cafe in Downend, Bristol.


The first workshop took place on Monday 15th September. It was a slow start, but later several ladies came to have a chat. They all have some experience with knitting or crochet, but were interested in getting back to it or learning the other craft. We talked mostly about knitting and tried different methods of casting on (did you know, there are over 20 ways to cast on?), talked about the difference between the English and the Continental way of knitting, and about the beautiful yarns that are available to knitters these days.

It was a lovely afternoon, some of us were definitely inspired. One of the ladies phoned me today to ask more about one of the items I had on display as she would like to make it. I hope I get to see the finished item.

If you are thinking about learning to knit or crochet, or you have learnt a long time ago and need a reminder, you can come and see me at the Busy Bee Cafe on Monday 6th October from 1:30 p.m to 3:30 p.m. Come and have a look, ask questions, bring your projects or have a go.IMG_3190

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