10 Things to Knit in Summer

Suggestions for beginner knitters

So you have made the first step and learnt how to knit, purl, cast on and cast off. So the question is what to knit now? In winter, the answer is easy. Pop to your nearest knitting shop, get some lovely chunky wool, pair of large needles and make a scarf, a hat or mittens in now time. Wear proudly. But that’s no good in summer. Ok, you could make one of those now and wait till winter but who wants to wait that long to show off your work of art. You could make a summer top. It’s small … Yes but so is the wool and needles that you will need and  believe me, it will take ages to finish. And you might get fed up with it all before you get to the end.

So here is a list of suggestions, all suitable for beginners.

1) Knit for Charity

Lots of charities rely on donations from people who knit. You can either donate items that can be sold or make blankets and clothes that charities will use to help vulnerable people, children and animals. Here are links to several that you might find interesting. No great knitting skills required.

My daughters teddy modelling vest and hat for ‘fish & chip’ babies.

http://www.knit-a-square.com You can get involved even if you can only do the absolute basics. This charity asks for knitted 20cmx20cm squares. They make these into blankets and clothes that help children in Africa.

http://www.battersea.org.uk/apex/webnewsstory?nsid=13154&pageId=222-newsitem If you are ready for something larger, this charity is asking for blankets for dogs and cats.

If you would like to try some little baby clothes, try http://www.bliss.org.uk/our-community/craftclub/join-the-bliss-craft-club/ .

This charity asks for hats and vests for premature babies (also called fish & chip babies) in Africa. They provide patterns, but you will need to make sure that you stick to their requirements.   https://www.facebook.com/groups/CraftyAid/

2) Be Part of Something

My contribution to the Tour de France bunting.

Tour de France is coming to the UK this year and couple of towns have decided to invite knitters to make Tour de France jersey bunting for when the tour comes to the town. I believe that it started in Harrogate. They have now closed the entries, but Cambridge is still asking for contributions and you have till the 21st of June to send them in.



3) Presents for Babies

Easy comforter

Do I need to say any more? They are small and quick, they are cute and they will be treasured. Just make sure that you use wool that is easy to care for, the most beautiful cashmere blanket will probably not be a hit with busy new parents if it cannot go in the washing machine. For more inspiration just visit my board on Pinterest. http://www.pinterest.com/marshall3596/things-to-knit-in-summer/


4) Home Accessories

The list is endless, you can make blankets, throws, cushion covers, washcloths, napkin rings, coasters, covers for clocks, picture fames or even pictures, sofa tidies and other storage items. You can follow some of the pins on my Pinterest board to the original patterns, hope these inspire you. http://www.pinterest.com/marshall3596/things-to-knit-in-summer/

5) Dishcloths

These could be listed as one of the home accessories, but knitted dishcloths seem to be all the rage these days, so they deserve a mention on their own. One of my students said that he was given one long time ago and it was the best dishcloth ever. Have a go and judge for yourselves. http://www.pinterest.com/marshall3596/things-to-knit-in-summer/

6) Bunting


Bunting has made a comeback and sew versions can be found everywhere. So why not knit one. You can knit one for your garden and you bbq party, to bring some colour to your room or make one in colours/theme or your party. http://www.pinterest.com/marshall3596/things-to-knit-in-summer/

7) Toys

They are small, they are fun and they will be treasured for years. http://www.pinterest.com/marshall3596/things-to-knit-in-summer/

8) Cosies

Knitted cosies seem very fashionable these days. Cups, mugs, tea pots are all being wrapped up in pretty cosies. Just knit an oblong to fit your favourite mug, make a loop at one end and stitch a nice button on the other end. http://www.pinterest.com/marshall3596/things-to-knit-in-summer/

9) Bags and Accessories

Bags, bracelets, phone covers, what a great way to show off your new skills. http://www.pinterest.com/marshall3596/things-to-knit-in-summer/

10) Presents

Many of the above can be made and given as presents. Ok, I said at the beginning why wait till winter, but if you would like to give your knitted items as christmas presents the best time to start working on these is now.

I would really like to hear from you what was your favourite, which item inspired you and see pictures of your knitted items. If you like, I can publish them here for others to admire.

Happy knitting.



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