The Shower Effect

I have spent hours trying to work out how to set up this blog. What’s the difference between page and post, how to use widgets, categories and tags and what themes are actually about. (Now, some of you, the experts, think I’m bit slow. Please feel free to help. Some of you are smiling an understanding smile, I share your pain. And some of you haven’t got a clue what I’m on about. I envy your ignorance.) And once I worked all that out I have spend hours sitting in front of the computer trying to decide what I’m going to type onto my pages and posts, what pages to have, am I going to have web page and a blog, how to link them or just have one? Hours and hours wasted. And then the next morning I took a shower. And it just clicked. Ideas came, everything became clear, I just needed to type it onto the screen. So here we are, many hours and one shower later. Hope you enjoy!

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