Kids Knitting Kit - Beginners Knitted Cushion, Easy Knitting Pattern for Kids by Kids

Kids Knitting Kit for a Small Cushion with a Pocket



When your children need some creative homeschooling let them use their imagination and make a gift for a friend or comforting toy that will help with their worries and sad thoughts.

What Will My Child Make?
This children’s craft kit includes pattern and materials for a small knitted cushion with a pocket. Once made there are at least 3 ways how the cushion can be used.
1) As a holder for a written message to a loved one or a friend. (Children can make the cushion, write a lovely message, place it in the pocket and send the cushion to their nan, their bestie or their favourite person.) All the hard work will make it extra special.
2) As a secret place to hide worries and sad thoughts (by writing them down and hiding them in the cushion, a little bit like a journal).
3) Or simply as a cushion for a doll or a teddy.

What Is Included in the Kit?
1x 100g ball of yarn
1 pair of 8mm bamboo knitting needles
Plastic sewing needle
Easy to follow pattern
Beginners guide to knitting
Guide to knitting terms and pattern reading
Toy stuffing

We cast on so you don’t have to.
This kit is suitable for complete beginners, especially children. Everything needed to make the cushion is included in the kit. To make things even easier we have cast on, knitted the first row and several stitches on the second row. This way children can start knitting straight away. In our experience from teaching children to knit, the hardest part is often the first stitch on the first row and casting on without understanding the basics of knitting. There is enough yarn in the kit to make two cushions; children can learn to cast on once they are confident with the knit stitch. (Instructions for casting on are also included in the How to Knit Guide.)

The kit includes chunky yarn and 8mm bamboo knitting needles. These are easy to hold and the project will grow quickly, allowing children to see progress which will motivate them to carry on.

We use soft acrylic yarn which is easy to care for, suitable for vegans and perfect for babies – making the final project and ideal gift for a younger sibling.

Written Guides
The kit includes detailed instructions, accompanied by lots of pictures and written in a plain language. There is also a ‘Before You Start’ guide which explains basic knitting terms, techniques and how to read a knitting pattern. We have created a ‘Knitting Journal’ sheet which will encourage children to keep a record off their projects. They will be able to look back one day and see how and where they learnt to knit, what they made and for whom.

Difficulty Level
Our knitting kits are suitable for complete beginners. You will need to learn and use the basic knit stitch, cast off and simple sewing up technique. There is enough material to make another cushion and practise casting on. However, casting on is not required to finish the original project.

Our Story
We are a mum (somewhere in her forties), a son(13) and a daughter (10) team who love crafting and especially knitting and crochet. Mum used to run knitting and crochet workshops, lessons and craft groups prior to Covid-19. During the first lockdown mum was thinking about ways how to adapt her business to the current situation and the children were getting a bit bored at home. Then somebody suggested making and selling knitting and crochet kits. That seemed like a good idea and mum asked the children what would they like to make if they were learning to knit and crochet again. And the daughter said: ‘Teddy.” And then we started discussing the idea a bit more. And it was lots of fun. Especially when mum suggested that we should make YouTube videos to show the techniques. And that’s how Hooked Kits for Kids (by Kids) was born. Peter is in charge of knitting and Katie looks after our crochet kits. We have had lots of fun preparing these kits for you and we hope that you have at least as much fun making them.

Petra, Peter & Katie


Purple, Green, Blue, Sky Blue, Pink, Agua, Limeade, Bubblegum, Sherbet, Humbug


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Kids Knitting Kit - Beginners Knitted Cushion, Easy Knitting Pattern for Kids by Kids