Hooked Kits for Kids

Knitting and Crochet Kits for Kids Designed by Kids


Our kits have been designed especially with children in mind. This is reflected in the following areas:


  1. are based on ideas by children aged 10 and 12 who themselves knit and crochet
  2. are very simple and easy to achieve
  3. are for items that children will be able to play with  or that can be given as presents once they are made.
  1. we use chunky yarn which is easy to work with and which makes the stitches easy to see. The work grows quicker than with thinner yarn.
  2. we use very soft acrylic yarn which is suitable even for babies and easy to wash. Making the final products suitable as presents for younger siblings.
  3. we select bright colours that appeal to children.
  1. we use bamboo knitting needles and hooks which are smooth and comfortable.
  2. we use short knitting needles which are easier to hold.



  1. are simple to follow.
  2. are accompanied by lots of photographs.
  3. will be accompanied by short ‘ How to’ videos available from our website.
  4. are accompanied by a simple ‘Before You Start Guide’ which explains basic knitting and crochet terms and practises. These are explained in a plain language.
  1. are easy to follow.
  2. are written in a plain language.
  3. include helpful hints how to best use the pattern.


Techniques and Difficulty

  1. our products will be graded according to difficulty and techniques used. This makes it easy to choose the correct projects for complete beginners or improvers.
  2.  easiest projects only require one basic stitch and casting off.
  3. our projects come already casted on and with the first row knitted or crocheted. This makes the learning process easier. There is something to hold onto and children will only have to learn how to cast on once they are confident with the basis stitches.


“It will be beautiful when it is done.” Katie (10)


2 thoughts on “Hooked Kits for Kids”

    1. Hello Penny, thank you for your enquiry. I’m sure we can do something for you. All our kits are easy, we pre-cast each product so there is something to hold onto and no need to worry about learning to cast on which can be a bit tricky. One thing I would suggest considering is the size of the final product. Even though the blanket kit is very easy, it might be too big for a 6 year old’s first project. Depending on the child’s interest, we could do a hat or a scarf for a teddy or a doll. Or a little cushion. Some of those will require a little bit of sewing up, but that’s not hard. Or what about a joint project; the 6 year old could make a little cushion and an adult/someone older could make the blanket at the same time? Hope this helps. Oh, are we talking about knitting or crochet? Best regards Petra, Peter & Katie

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