Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Petra, I have two beautiful children, wonderful husband and I love all things yarn and fabric related.


Recently my husband found this photo of me knitting for our bump no. 1. Our bump is now 7, has a 4 year old sister and is learning to knit himself.

The picture was taken at my parents house, where it all started. I can still remember my first time knitting. My mum and my nan taught me when I was about 10. I was sitting on my bed, working with some yellow yarn while my mum and my nan were drinking coffee in the kitchen. I thought I was doing really well and my mum was very impressed with my knitting, until she realised that it was too good and that I was not knitting, but just moving stitches from needle to needle. Unintentionally, of course. Well, we have sorted that out and I have since made many items. But I will always remember the first yellow one.

Throughout my school and teenage years I have made few tops for me and my dolls. However, once I moved away I lost my confidence. The main reason was the fact that I have never learnt properly how to cast on. My mum used to use rather a complicated way and she has always done it for me. So once on my own I did not know how to start. Until, quite a few years later I bought Simply Knitting magazine and there I found easy way to cast on. I haven’t stopped knitting since.

Last year I took redundancy from a job in a bank. And then came the idea of Yarn Over Coffee. The idea to share my passions and help others to learn how to knit (and how to cast on as well). I am also working towards City & Quilts Qualification in Hand Knitted Textiles. And guess what I learnt in my first module? There are over 20 ways how to cast on for knitting!!! All these wasted years. But hey the good news is that there is a way for everybody. Which one is going to be yours?

I have tried to learn crochet when I was little too, but it did not appeal as much as knitting. However, it seems that crochet is the popular one these days, so I’m refreshing my memory and actually starting to like it too.

So this is a bit about me and where my passion for Yarn Over Coffee comes from. Hopefully I will be able to share more with you either during my lessons or here on this blog.